Cool iPhone accessories - Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm

There are new "cool iPhone accessories" to discover almost everyday as the iPhone accessories producers and manufacturers are non-stop designing,
manufacturing and introducing their all time best selling cool iphone accessories to feed the iPhone user market that hunger for coolest iphone accessories!

This round our cool iPhone accessories reviews is introducing the "Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm or iphone reflective film". It's a cool iPhone accessories that really look great and affordable to have.

Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm basically is an external layer of adhensive accessories that contact directly to iPhone device surface. Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm also know as code name - reflective film and both provide same effect - that's mirror or reflective effect!

Artwizz's MirrorFilm for iPhone considered the popular mirror-finish or chrome-finish effect iPhone accessories in the market. What make it special is because it's a very thin adhensive layer of material that combining protection and a feature we haven't yet seen in a thin film-based screen proetction cover for the touch screen. This amazing Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm only cost approximate $10. It's covers the iPhone surface -- but not for iPhone ear speaker and the Home button.

This is how the thin film work - When the iPhone's display is turned off, the entire surface appears to be like a mirror - When the display is in On mode, the display can be clearly seen and used as usual, it's slightly dimmed according to some user's feedback, this might not true and it's depend on where we test it - i.e. indoor or outdoor environment might be very different. This magical thin layer of Artiwzz iPhone MirrorFilm does not retard the iPhone's operability when it's put on to the iPhone touch screen and no remnant upon removal (if you have to remove it).

When the display is power on, the display can be clearly seen and used as usual (see Right picture). When the display is on Off mode, the display transforms into a mirror! (see Left picture)

The Artwizz MirrorFilm for iPhone package come with 1 piece of iPhone MirrorFilm; compatible to Apple iPhone (front surface only).

With the Artwizz iPhone MirrorFilm as your cool iPhone accessories you will have to check the devide more frequent than before - because the reflective film can be your mirror any time and any where. It's a super perfect companion for people who have to live with mirror.

However, there's one obvious different between iPhone relective film or iPhone MirrorFilm with Reflective Case - thick, bulky and very strong plastic feeling. (See below details from the Label)

Coming next....The Mirrored Chrome-Finish iphone Case

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