Hybrid Cool iPhone 4 Cases by MoGo

To us, today's head-scratchers could be tomorrow's game-changers. The hybrid iPhone 4 cases by MoGo would be the coolest iPhone 4 cases to the future. A combination of functionality in a single system is what we always looking at when we select our cool iPhone 4 cases. MoGo's bluetooth headset + case system a perfect solution to provide mobility and protection at the same time. A complete hybrid cool iPhone 4 case for workaholic or multitasking people who can't live without their iPhone 4.

More and more creative iPhone accessories designers and manufacturing companies are competing to stay ahead in the market by offering extra value to their ever demanding customers based. Obviously, MoGo is one of these companies.

MoGo Talk XD™ for iPhone 4 is simply for first timer who moved by MoGo hybrid solution. A great way to stay in communication at the same time for iPhone 4 protection. The integration of seamlessly with a stylish cool iPhone 4 protective case is what MoGo want you to experience. A brilliant combination that many iPhone users want to have at the same time in a single solution. A sincere recommendation from MoGo to iPhone 4 users who needs a high performance, stylish headset that is always with you and your iPhone.

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MoGo Talk XD™ Slim MoGo Grip Case for iPhone 4 is simply an upgrade system from MoGo to those customers who already have a MoGo Talk™ headset. You can simply purchase the Slim MoGo Grip Case which is 100% compatible with your existing MoGo Talk™ headset. This MOGO cool iPhone 4 case is perfectly fit with their earlier MoGo Talk™ headset. It cost less than half of the complete new MoGo Talk™ headset system - only $34.99, we considered a great saving for you to continue the mobility and connection as you used to enjoy.

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With both MoGo hybrid solution, you simply get crystal clear conversations and superior comfort + secure fit features that surely enhance your daily usage of the iPhone. The SmartAudio™ noise and wind reduction work magically when complemented by the SoundMonitor™, a high fidelity sound technology for in-ear audio to provide a rich audio experience with no discount of quality hearing.

Color: black

Availability: iPhone 4 (also available for iPhone 3G/3GS)

You pay: $99.99 (MoGo Talk XD™ for iPhone 4) / $34.99 (MoGo Talk XD™ Slim MoGo Grip Case for iPhone 4)

Our score: 10/10

Where to buy: MoGo Store from September 1, 2010

Final say:
A practical hybrid iPhone 4 case that we want you to consider before you make your online purchase. With less than hundred buck you can have a bluetooth hearing system and a protective solution for your precious. Definitely a best choice of cool iPhone 4 cases for you to enhance your experience of mobility and connectivity.

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