Hard Core Cool iPhone 4 Cases by Ballistic

You got to check out Ballistic Hard Core Cool iPhone 4 Cases if you're searching for protection solution for your lovely device. Ballistic, the Florida company is offering their latest yet coolest iPhone 4 cases because they're think everyone will (have chance) drop their iPhone accidentally. Their marketing slogan:“Just Drop It!” — as long as you are using a Ballistic HC case. You're right, HC is the short form of Hard Core. Ballistic HC iPhone 4 cases are Designed to Survive Life!™ - that what's we want you to experience. No doubt, there are many design that meet the requirement of protection but not many of them know well than Ballstic team.

All Ballistic iPhone protective cases are build purposely for iPhone 4 users who are urgently searching for advanced level of security. They're more than just a rugged look accessory, they're specially design with flamboyant manner and functionality in mind.

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Ballistic cool iPhone 4 case is cleverly design with 4 layers of protection with a built in screen protector. It's a superb solution that offers advanced security from drops, fingerprints, scratches and dust. A hard to come by all rounded protection solution for iPhone 4.

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Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Available in : NA

Design factor: A Superb advanced four layer protection design concept. Also an integrated screen protector and holster with a optional outer layer for ultimate protection.

Price: $49.99

Score: 9.5/10 (less 0.5 because of the boring color - vivid colors is preferable!)

Estimated launch date: Coming soon!

Final Say:
We want you to keep your iPhone 4 looking as new as the moment it out of the box! The Ballistic HC cool iPhone 4 case is a must have for your brand new iPhone device because we believe Ballistic iPhone 4 cases provides the most advanced degree of drop protection currently in the market.

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