Pure Titanium Luxury Cool iPhone 4S Cases by BRIKK

While we're shopping online for our next cool iPhone 4S cases, we're surely surprised by the search results because there are countless of iPhone 4 and 4S cases waiting for us to add them to the shopping cart. What wrong to pamper yourself with Brikk's - The Trim pure titanium luxury cool iPhone 4S cases. Of course you must be the deep pocket shopper and a big heart for philanthropy project. the company offer only luxury, limited edition or collectible item recently launched a series of expensive metal high-end cool iPhone 4S cases to their customers who choose to live luxury yet supporting global charitable work. According to; "Brikk claims that for every Trim case sold one metric ton of rice will be distributed to those in need through select NGOs. Rice donations will be given to each Brikk customer as a tax deduction for the purchase of their Brikk iPhone case." 

Images are Copyright of Brikk LLC (USA) and Brikk GmbH (Germany)

The Trim luxury iPhone 4S cases are available in most expensive metal such as titanium, gold, platinum, "black DLC," and "grey stealth" finishes. The Brikk's high-end iPhone 4S cases can cost you from USD$3,000 to USD$4,500 per piece. That's why the owner of The Trim series cases must be a deep pocket shoppers. However, we also spotted their raw titanium or the matte design iPhone case is retails for USD$2,630.  Slightly low price than the top tier Trim cases. Caring those in need around the world at the same times holding a piece of The Trim luxury iPhone 4S case in your hand can be the more precious moment that money can buy.

Available: Gray Stealth, Black Carbon, Gold and Platinum

Design: iPhone 4S / iPhone 4

You pay: from USD2,630 to USD4,500 per piece

Score: 10/10 (credit for the Do Good spirits)

Final say:
For those who are interested to check out The Trim luxury iPhone case for iPhone 4S or iPhone 4, please kindly contact (855) 555-BRIKK or check out from for more information. As we know earlier, Brikk Trim iPhone cases are initially only available in the store at Roseark shops in LA. However, they will soon to have their product launch in world major fashion city such as New York, Tokyo, Paris and London in the later date. Brikk' The Trim series is one of the best limited edition hign-end iPhone 4S and 4 cases that best complement your classy and luxury life style!!

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