All Metal Cool iPhone 4S | 4 Cases by EXOVault

What you think about this Exovault's EXO7 cool iphone 4S cases? Found it over designed or too heavy for normal users? While that's the spirit of innovative designer should practice and adopt to the design of all cool
iPhone 4 cases. We're so pround of EXO7, It's absolutely an rare piece of 2 in 1 iPhone accessories in the market that we can find. Of course not all people dare to put on this "cool iPhone 4 case" for daily use. However, EXO7 definately the coolest iPhone case around your circle of friends, provided that you own one of them.

All of our eyes were popped out when we first spotted EXO7 via the iPad. It's the best transformation of the function of belt buckle to be the coolest iPhone 4S case. We like to see the designer use metal as the core material in their design. When was your last time to see some one build the metal iPhone 4S cases in such a high fashion manner? It's Awesome!

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According to Exovault, the EXO7 is a holster case that can be weared in three ways. Belt buckle is what the main purpose of the EXO7 iPhone case. Secondly, as a detachable swivel clip that well protected your newly adopted iPhone 4S. Lastly, we can use the EXO7 by clipping onto pants or belt.

Design/color: black aluminum, silver aluminum and brass

Available: iPhone 4S and iPhone 4

You pay: from $300

Score: 10/10 

Final say:
A very high street 2 in 1 metal cool iPhone 4 cases that money can buy!

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