Incase Fragment Slider iPhone Cases

Incase Fragment Slider iPhone Cases is in stock now after months of waiting. We are very excited to share this incredible look iPhone cases with friends and cool iPhone cases collectors as well. It's a co-branded Incase and Fragment Slider Cases for iPhone 3G, an all new series if launch. It's also a very smart marketing strategy to enter to the challenging iPhone accessories market by providing "outside" element to product line. This new slider iPhone case is featured in Hiroshi Fujiwara’s new book about the iPhone and iPhone-related stories. That why there are many people talking loud about this cool iPhone case before it launch. Now, it's the time we are going to meet the real piece.


Incase Fragment Slider iPhone cases is a "worth to wait for" limited edition iPhone cases that has been generated a lot of market sentiment before it launch. And now, this limited to one (1) per customer cool iPhone case is cleary a smart marketing strategy to gain new market share and supporters attention. Enough to say that is very confidence to what the are doing even in this hard time.

This cool iPhone cases comes in black and white in both soft touch and gloss finishes. You will notices that at the back of the case, it's smartly features FragmentDesign logo besides provides standard features of protection to your iPhone 3G. With this co-branded effort, FragmentDesign supporters are now have a strong reason to own this limited edition cool iPhone case. We are not sure how long this Incase Fragment iPhone slider cases is on sale. Act now if you are one of the die-hard collectors of all limited edition cool iPhone cases.


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