Looking of the Cool iPhone 4S Cases? Wait...

No iPhone 5 for you....yet! Cook told the world go and get the "new" iPhone 4S instead! What a pain taking long 18 months of waiting end up with no show of the new iPhone device. I mean the new look design. Not sure what is holding back the Apple to uncover their new design iPhone, or because the rumors of the new iPhone is real?  Many of us can't believe that Apple took 1.5 years just to show the world nothing new but an upgraded device - the iPhone 4S.

Guess what? Apple is waiting for the 4G technology era then they will unveils the total revamp smartphone design which is "thinner", "lighter", "smarter" and "more faster".  So, the biggest task for us is to consider to upgrade or not to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. Look around your surrounding, we're sure that we already have all the "new features" of the iPhone 4S but only not in one device. LOL...

What happen to iPhone fans that really want to have the all new iPhone, not the upgraded S series iPhone. So sorry about that, bro! Alright, let get back to the "new" and cool iPhone 4S cases topic, can the new device fix well with the existing iPhone 4 cases? We're looking  for that piece of news just every one else. Too bad for Cook to impress the world with the usual Apple style of presentation but less the world long waiting all new design iPhone device. Not sure how the competitors of iPhone reacts, are they LOL in front of the computer screen or really get their hand on to offer their customers with their own upgraded devices as well?

This is the golden moment for competitors to over take the market share of smartphone. iPhone 4S surely not enough gun powder for Apple to compete not the say to lead the world of next generation smartphone!! For the cool iPhone 4S cases businesses, the early birds like is already get all their design done and welcome pre-order of the latest design of iPhone 4S covers.

Below are some of the images that we spotted at the official site and found it worth to share with you all. there new design with all time popular colors scheme with very safe graphics on the cases. Like usual, seldom fail to impress their customers.

(Images source:

The Cubic Black Exclusive series of cool iphone 4S cases are claimed compatible with Apple iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/iPhone 4 (CDMA model), as they stated clearly on the site. The using of premium material - the Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) surely a wowing factor to customers that they wanted something unique. With the high gloss finishing body as base and rubberized finish on sides, this is totally soemthing amaze us. As you can see from the images, by using special anodized printing to achieve the classy metallic effect considered a plus.

Design/color: in 3 unique design - Skull/Bat/Bolt

For: iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/iPhone 4 (CDMA model)

You pay: US$29.90 (Includes Crystal Screen Protector x 1)

Our score: 9/10

Estimated Ship Date: Oct 31, 2011

Like usual, this new series of cool iPhone 4s cases are good for preventing and safe your mobile from accidental scratches, damages and dust. There are also easy access to all controls and ports. An important feature that always off the list of shoppers. Not to forget to mention that more-thing's Cubic also comes with standard features i.e. the tear resistant, shock absorbable and anti-bump for ultra protection. What more can we demand?

A good piece of cool iPhone 4S case that meet the requirement for daily use!

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