EcoShield Slider Cool iPhone Cases by Agent18

All new EcoShield Slider Cool iPhone cases by Agent18 is what another great warm welcome for iPhone 3G S launch! That right, the ever coolest iPhone cases maker is introducing their new range iPhone 3G S cases. Three easy going colors for all - black, blue and white. All of them look solid and suitable for heavy usage. Considered this Agent18 cases as your collection of cool slider iPhone cases is something interesting.

Like previous Agent18 cool iPhone cases, EcoShield Slider cases is comes with great features that your iPhone 3G or 3G S ever needed. We like their introduction of secure locking mechanism that set your mind free from worrying about your iPhone case sliding apart at an inopportune time. Another cool feature of EcoShield Slider is the grip ability feature to prevent your iPhone slip out of your hand again. The interior design of EcoShield Slider case is made of silicon pads to prevent your iPhone from scratching inside out. Not many iPhone cases makers willing to invest into this important feature. With this cool iPhone cases, you are Go Green easily because the EcoShield Slider cases are made from post-consumer plastic bottles, a little effort but significant move to save the earth! We considered Go Green is the future of all cool iPhone cases that must be green and lean.

The white and blue EcoShield Slider cases should be able to suit your daily need. Of course the white case need more care and attention. If you are collecting all Agent18 cool iPhone cases, then you have to grap this pre-order promotion for EcoShield Slider iPhone cases. Pre-order the latest Agent18 Cases today for 50% off the retail price. Ships within 30 days. Offer ends 6/21/09.

Price: Was: $34.95 Now: $17.48
Protective screen film and table stand included. Please check Agent18 official site for more info about their promotion of this all time coolest iPhone cases.

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

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