Get Yourself A Cool iPhone 4 Case. Before It's Too Late!

Overwhelmed by the stylish design of the newly launched iPhone 4? Love it for the slimmest look? Love it because of the newly added 100 over features and the ever built sexy glass panel that cover almost 90% of the device surface? No matter what's your reason of falling in love with the cool iPhone 4, get ready a cool iPhone 4 case from day one is the best idea to start your journey with the sexy smart device. We're not talking about the "design flaw" but we're more interested on how people handling their iPhone 4 for their daily use. And the consequences of incautious of handling the device or ignoring to have the iPhone 4 cases for protection mean.

3 days right after the global launch, we immediately spotted web coverage about the "Fragile Beauty". We're stunned and shocked while we looked at the photos of the damaged iPhone 4. That's right, the sexy glass panel fall to broken while the owner testing out the iPhone 4. But obviously they failed to tame the dragon class iPhone yet! The moral of the story is - the cool iPhone case or cool iPhone bumper is a must have accessories to put on before handling and experiencing the awesome iPhone 4. That's may be the reason why Mr. Jobs introduced us the iPhone 4 Bumper right after he is introduced to the world of the Apple's ever proud product, and to claim their victory over the smart phone market, once more time!

This image is from Gidmozo, showing the consequences of the latest "iPhone 4 (Fall). It's not Photoshop effect, it's for real. We're stunning of the easy breaking glass panel. Or we may understand what and how the damages happen before we're making a  conclusion of "design flaw".

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Here's how we starting our protection campaign by first finding the coolest iPhone 4 cases or the frame type of iPhone 4 bumper. Search the internet for Cool iPhone 4 Cases you will find lot of latest design iPhone 4 cases that work to protect your iPhone 4 from accidental damages.


Take care your iPhone 4 from day one, get yourself a cool iPhone 4 case before it's too late!

Good "iPhoning"!

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