All Metal ExoVault Cool iPhone Cases 3GS

If you think the cool iPhone cases market is not a serious business, we advice you to think again! There are many iPhone devotees that crazy about creating the ever coolest iPhone cases to share their passion with the iPhone community at the same time to make money from their creation of cool iPhone cases!

We hate to miss any chance to find the cool iPhone 3GS cases out there. But finding one like EXOvault custom designer iPhone cases and share it with friends can be great moment in life! If you love designer iphone cases or hand made cool iPhone cases, especially the all metal iPhone cases then we found you one here! The hand made of Aluminum, Brass and Titanium iPhone cases should bring you the bring-bring sensation on the go! We also expecting more non plastic design iPhone cases to dominant the market since a small company at Brooklyn NYC like able to create something on par with the big players.

EXOVault Cool iPhone cases

EXOVault Cool iPhone cases - all metal iPhone casesEXOVault Cool iPhone cases-back view(Image Source:

Of course you will see some problem here, the excessive weight that may cause discomfort when you carrying the iPhone around the town. (Weight of case: 142g Brass, 45g Aluminum, 74g Titanum - for 3G and 3GS). Not really not heavy for us...

However, for those who sees the EXOVault and take it as the cool iPhone cases, probably don't care about the over design factor. Nothing can stop iPhone lovers for owning a piece of all time coolest iPhone cases like EXOVault. The designer's creativity and uniqueness of their creation is what we are going to pay for, well done people at EXOvault! We sees your passion and love to create something out of the norm but we have to loosen our purse strings a bit for this EXOVault cool iPhone cases.

Aluminum $95, Brass $95, Titanium $300

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 2G.

Final Say:
Best for the awesome design and workmanship. Would be your coolest iPhone cases and go best with your street fashion!

The case is made to work with the USB adaptor supplied with the iPhone purchased. It will also work with some third party units but not ALL. Please do your check up, ^5!

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