Handmade Hardwood Cool iPhone 4S Cases by Versaudio

Another wave of hot selling of all kind of iPhone accessories especially the cool iPhone 4 cases is just around the corner! Why? Simply because AT&T Inc. received more than 200K pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in  first 12 hours of the launch. What this figure represented is the AT&T Inc's most successful debut yet for Apple Inc. smartphone. The rush of pre-orders may getting obvious by the end of the month when more countries are launching regional pre-order of iPhone 4S.

Marketing experts are foreseen there has been extraordinary demand for the upgraded Apple smartphone so as the accessories i.e. the market of cool iPhone 4S cases. However, that does't mean also creation of iPhone 4 cases are equally well received in the market. Many of cases are identical because of MIC. Of course some of them are outstanding and the creation of cool iPhone cases and other Apple's product accessories are their core business strategy just like what Verudio does well.

Just checkout their handmade hardwoods and bamboo cool iPhone 4S cases. All their cases are naturally beautiful and incomparable handcrafted just to maintain the original characteristic of wood; each and every one of them has it's own unique character. More than you can imagine of, all Vers wood iPhone cases are design with metal pin reinforced corners to add support and  finished with a soft lining inside the case for scratch resistant and protection purposes. Vers cool iPhone 4S cases may look thicker but there is no hassle for direct access to headphone jack and charging port.

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Design/color: Shellcase Bamboo/Shellcase Cherry/Shellcase Walnut

For: iPhone 4S/iPhone 4

You pay: $39.99

Our score: 10/10 (+ 1 credit for their effort of Plant a Tree campaign)

Other than Shellcase iPhone series, Vers also offers iPod, iPad and audio accessories at their commerce site. We like their idea of using recyclable materials such as woods and bamboo as the core materials of product design. Consumers can have alternative choice for their cool iPhone 4 cases too.
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All of us can completely free from dependent of using plastic or not environmental friendly products if we're willing to stop hurting the earth. Be a responsible resident of the planet earth at the same time to enjoy your iPhone 4S the nature way by choosing Vers's wood and bamboo cool iPhone 4S cases.

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