Visually Striking Cool iPhone 4 Skins by KARVT

Too many cool iPhone 4 cases out there and many of them are look alike? LOL. People are talking about KARVT, company that offer cool iPhone 4 skins. So, wrap up your iPhone 4 with authentic design instead of buying the those identical iPhone cases seem working to many. Kick start your iPhone 4 remodeling campaign from KARVT - the Denver based company that popular for artistic design iPhone and MACbook skins has launched their new products by introducing the market first 100% authentic wooden iPhone skins. Karvt is setting the benchmark higher for the cool iPhone 4 skins market. To us, iPhone 4 remodeling is going main stream because it is fun and awesome.

Natural, eco-friendly, sustainable and awesome visual effect all in one is the concept behind Karvt's cool iPhone 4 skins. What can be more authentic than a made from 100% authentic wooden iPhone skins. They are eyes catching for many Apple fans that searching for cool solution to remodel their iPhone 4 at the same time to be more eco-friendly. You can notice that most of the current iPhone protective solution are made of silicone and plastics but Karvt's real wood cool iPhone 4 skins is look so good while providing a brand new experience to iPhone fans.

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You may ask about the price for you to go eco-friendly. Karvt is outstanding here, all their products have an extremely reasonable price tag compare with other alternatives. Many of them are priced exactly the same and are merely just a plastic sticker. Karvt's effort to stay difference is obvious and no part of the process is ever outsourced! A total US made! 

Compatibility: iPhone 4. Also available for iPhone 3GS.

Available in : Bamboo (two finishes), Cherry (two finishes), Maple (one finish), Pine (two finishes), and Walnut (two finishes).
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You pay: $15 for iPhone 3G skins and $25 for iPhone 4 skins - each set includes a front and back skin.

Score: 10/10

Final say:
To us, Karvt's 100% wooden made cool iPhone 4 skins are the perfect protective skin that will draw as much attention as the iPhone 4 itself. The best part of Karvt offer is the price. You won't have to spend a lot to get your hands on one of Karvt's cool iPhone 4 skins. Start your iPhone 4 make over project today and share your experience with friends! It's a visually stunning cool iPhone 4 skins after all!

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