XShot Cool iPhone Cases Your Christmas Special Gifts

In the ever competitive cool iPhone cases market, where the search for growth is so desperate, feature pack iPhone case is seem the formula to win over the most demanding iPhone users. However, a niche design with a single unique feature is what work best for XShot - the company that believe of "photograph and video yourself anywhere". Creativity and niche marketing tactic is what make us believe into XShot success. No more lousy angle for photo taking or video shooting session with you new iPhone 3GS if you own the XShot 2.0 and XShot iPhone Case bundle in hand. No awkward single-arm stretch while you're taking couple photos this Christmas.

XShot presented a cool iPhone 3GS case with built-in tripod mount that allow you use any tripod or monopod to take photo or video anywhere you like without asking help from passerby. It's the perfect versatile cool iPhone case for use when you and your lover traveling during Christmas holidays. You can use the camera function with a camera self-timer app from the iPhone App Store.

We are very excited about XShot cool iphone cases that extending the capabilities of the iPhone 3GS besides just a boring protective cases. It's time to maximize the usage of your iPhone 3GS since it features a great 3-megapixel camera and camcorder. A must have special Christmas gadget that allow you to take photos and videos from any angle without additional help.


Take XShot as your new cool iPhone cases, you will experience no more awkward single-arm stretch this Christmas while taking photo with your iPhone 3GS. ^5!

XShot 2.0 and iPhone Case bundle
Price : $44.95

XShot iPhone 3GS Case
Price : $19.95 

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Final say:
XShot iPhone case is an absolutely perfect cool iPhone cases that allow you to use your iPhone 3GS like any other digital camera or camcorder. An awesome feature for hybrid cool iPhone cases. A special Christmas gifts for you and your loved one.

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