Luxury iPhone Skin - iPhone Steel Skin 24K Gold Plate

"Luxury iPhone Skin - iPhone Steel Skin 24K Gold Plate" is the highest recorded page view for all of our site's post. It's totally surprised us since we were started this blog 3 days after the launch of the first generation iPhone (that was 3rd July 2007). With this simple information, meaning that many iPhone users prefer somethings classy and with metal feel than other type of cases.

Our first ever post about iPhone Steel Skin case was dated Jan 21 2008, since then we were spotted many iPhone case's marketers and makers started selling many different version of iPhone Steel Skin. eBay is still the popular site to find the best design and low price for iPhone Steel Skin since we were discovered our first ever finding there almost a year ago.

Today we continue to share more insider information about iPhone steel skin case from the Korea company.
According to Rakisis Mobile Accessory, they claimed that they are the original manufacturer or designer of the popular iPhone Steel Skin case. Because of the popularity of their products among iPhone users, many competitors started selling the imitation version of iPhone steel skin case and many of them are identical to the original design, the only different is the price - cheaper than the original version.

The Korea company started to fight back by revealing lot of information about their iPhone Steel Skin 24K Gold Plate, all information make available online. They also posting useful information at their eBay site. Below are part of the information that we feel useful to share with our users.

For more information about Rakisis counter fight back of the imitation issue, please kindly visit Rakisis Mobile Accessory's eBay site by using keyword phase "Steel Skin Metal Cover Case Protector for Apple iPhone".

1. go to
2. search for
"Steel Skin Metal Cover Case Protector for Apple iPhone"
3. Bingo, you got it!

Below images are from Rakisis's eBay site, a quick check for you guys to spot the different. With the revealed of the info, hope you guys able to differential which one is the imitation and which one is the original iPhone steel skin from Rakisis.

(Images Source: Rakisis Mobile Accessory)

We are respecting the Rakisis ownership of all their information available online, this's the reason why we only share part of their information and invite you to visit their site for more information - only if you want to. We are not promoting Rakisis iPhone steel skin or earning referrer fee to direct traffic to their site, we are just a group of iPhone fans that like the collection of iPhone cases and accessories at the same time to share with our visitors about all our finding. That all for today. Have a nice day!

P/S: We like Rakisis's way of dealing with imitation issue by revealing more information about their product(s) so that many users like us able to know what going on online.

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