iPhone Hand Painting Hard Case Cover

Your iPhone 3G cases can be a piece of art work that out shine many iPhone cases out there. Take a look this creative design iPhone hard cases series that painted with beautiful art images all over the case. The creativity and artistic imagination of the creator should be a 2 thumb up effort to transform the boring case to be the cool iphone cases.

My buddy, Jordon disagree with us, to him this iPhone handmade hard case cover from Rakisis is just a normal hard case with hand draw beautiful images completed with charming background color. That all of the comment from Jordon - the owner of all 2 generation iPhone who prefer his iPhone 3G cases come with creativity technology in-plant in it rather than the outlook full will charming color. What a man say!

Slavana, Jordon's close friend disagree with him and say that some people with arts in mind will prefer something out of the norm and wanted something uncommon to stand up from all of the norm. With their argument in mind, we have to agree with both of them and we would like to share this piece of iPhone handmade hard case cover with our visitors and we hope that the next coming iPhone 3G cases in the market should have more futuristic element and free away from their design bottle-neck.

No matter what your opinion on this iPhone hard case. The standard or the art work is really top of the class and the price is not. If you are looking for something colorful yet with high artistic value in it, be sure this piece of iPhone case maybe suitable for you.

(Images Source: Rakisis Mobile Accessory)

One last concern about the case is the durability of the outer layer of case. No information available from the seller about how to take care the outer surface of the case. Maybe you need another protective transparent skin just to protect the Handmade Hard Case Cover. We would like to name it Hand Painting Hard Case Cover rather than handmade hard case cover. we see no handmande element in the case but just the beautiful painting.

To save our only Earth, please remember to purchase only environmental friendly product and use it till the very last second before you are going to retire them. We want more Green and extra Peace!

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