Meet The SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G Cases

Good day everyone! We would like you to meet the SwitchEasy CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G Cases. We found out that this cool iPhone 3G cases maker is design and sell only top of the class iPhone and iPod cases and they claimed their latest launch as - "The worlds first UltraHybrid case for iPhone 3G". The Capsule Rebel™ of SwitchEasy is the world's first hybrid protection solution for 3G iPhone.

We love SwitchEasy latest CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G cases very much because of the beautiful design and functionality element that impressed all of us when we see it for the first time. This Black and White series is definitely matching market demand. For many people, both of the colors belong to the ever lasting color out of the color chat.

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The selling points of the cool iPhone 3G cases are:
1. Maximum protection of the phone. Guess all of us need that for our iPhone. The use of high tech material (Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer) for better combating UV compared to normal materials. Good enough to keep away accidental damages and to protect the delicate finish surface of the iPhone 3G.
2. The maker claimed that they considered of Ultra Shock Proof technology in their design. The hybrid cases is design to be able to hold the case tightly in place so that nothing will fall apart when foreign impact apply to the cases.
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This cool iPhone 3G case will cost you slightly higher compare to those normal case? The company suggested retail price of Capsule Rebel™ is US$24.99 for US and Canada market, and open price for the rest of the world.

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Before punching the keyboard for the credit card security number, you should check eBay for more competitive prices. You will surprise about the search result. We found out there are more colors for CapsuleRebel iPhone 3G cases at However the company official press release dated 24 July 2008 mentioned that "Capsule Rebel™ comes initially in 3 fantastic colors (Black, White, and Arctic) which will complement any fashion needs."

We also found out that some resellers are selling a series of multi-colors CapsuleRebel 3G cases. Here the quick view of our finding.

Below video is best to showcase Capsule Rebel SwitchEasy iPhone 3G case. The white series case is perfect match for the iPhone 3G White.

We can't resist the charm of Capsule Rebel SwitchEasy iPhone 3G case. Another video updates from us on 4 Aug 2008. This video bring you closer to the cool iPhone cases series from Capsule Rebel.

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