iSkin Revo 2 The Ultra Cool iPhone Cases

iSkin is one of the cool iPhone cases maker that focus heavily on functionality and beautiful design for their iPhone accessory series. To us, iSkin product is always excellent of its kind and they always delivers top of the class iPhone cases to compete with competitors at the same time to impress users. While, we are impressed with iSkin latest launch - iSkin Revo 2 iPhone 3G cases. We are speechless to see how iPhone accessories makers and designers to outdo one another not just with creativity in design but also considered value added element to wow potential users. With all this endless marketing competition, there are at least 1/2 dozen of new 3G iPhone accessories introduced to the market and many of them are high in quality and low in price.

Here the quick look of the cool iPhone cases come with 4 colors.

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iSkin Revo 2 is not a simple case use to protect your iPhone, their newly launch 3G iPhone cases is come with higher level of coverage, stylish and quality. Worth to mention that iSkin never compromise for inferior material in order to bring down their Revo 2's price, in fact the are using sophisticated material as strategy to differential them self from competitors.

iSkin Revo 2 iPhone 3G case is applying the innovative Microban® antimicrobial and ViSOR™ screen shield, an adhesive-free anti-glare and fingerprint free screen film to make sure their iSkin Revo 2.0 is far more advance than their predecessor. iSkin Revo 2 is also applying the leading color scheme that come with fashionable two-tone color design to catch attention of color sensitive user groups. What make us interested is to imagine what else can be done for iSkin Revo 3, if any?

If you are like Susan who always looking for additional design element and emphasize enough for quality and functionality of the iPhone 3G cases, then you should check out below images from so that you are completed with knowledge and info before flashing your credit card.

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RSP: US$39.90, remember to add US$4.99 for gift wrap if you are buying the Diablo (Red/Black) iSkin Revo 2 case for your darling. That's will be an awesome gift for both of you.

PS: buy this cool iPhone cases only from authorized retailers or from directly. Save you from trouble!

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