Flip-Out QWERTY Cool iPhone 4 Case by ThinkGeek

Finally, an ideal cool iPhone 4 case for "fat fingers" users like me! From the very first moment of using the touch screen iPhone, my experience immediately remind me of my "typo" problem. Just imagine a person with BMI over 35, that's me, using virtual keyboard can be a very frustrating experience as my fingers accidentally hitting two adjacent keys of the compact virtual keyboard in a single keystroke during data entry. With the creation of TK-421 iPhone case with Flip-Out Keyboard, I am seeing the solution of my "fat fingers" problem. A great hybrid iPhone 4 cases that provide more than basic protection!

This hybrid cool iPhone 4 cases come with flip-out keyboard or QWERTY keyboard definitely a marketable product because there are many touch screen smartphone users are searching for solution to avoid using the compact virtual keyboard on their device. Consider ThinkGeek TK-421 QWERTY case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS if you are looking for better option to speed up data entry with your iPhone. It's surely a time saving experience for iPhone users to have a handy physical QWERTY keyboard with them because it is pretty speedy and guarantee of accuracy for data entry - at least for my case!

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As you can see, this ThinkGeek hybrid cool iPhone 4 case has a handy built in physical keyboard that flip-out from the rear of the case when needed. Flip-in if you are done with the data entry. A great companion for me to use it for texting, e-mails, notes and gaming on the go. It's a cool iPhone 4 cases build to power up your experience with the mighty iPhone.

Guess what, the KT-421 flip-out QWERTY cool iPhone 4 case only cost you a very reasonable price. $50 is what you are paying for a "fat fingers" solution. If you are interested to own one of this limited quantities cool iPhone case, you have to wait until mid November. By that time, it should a great choice for year end gift-giving season - an awesome Christmas gift that worth waiting for!

Color: black

Availability: iPhone 4 (also available for iPhone 3GS)

How it work: Completely wireless bluetooth connection, does not use dock connector.

You pay: $49.99

Our score: 10/10

Where to buy:

Shipping: from mid November 2010

Final say:
KT-421 flip-out QWERTY cool iPhone 4 case surely a great solution for "fat fingers" users. Feature rich and functional cool iPhone 4 cases are what we like to have and willing to pay for. Protection feature is only the primary need for many savvy users. The hybrid iPhone 4 case like what ThinkGeek offer is getting popular compare to the only protection iPhone cases. We are expecting a very good welcome of hybrid cool iPhone 4 cases in the future.

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