iPhone Steel Skin Case - Introduce The Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case

When we are searching high and low for iPhone Steel Skin Case, we came across the Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case from eBay. This is because we like iPhone skin case very much, it give your iPhone a classy lean look at the same time provide protection to our iPhone.

Still remember our post about Gold iPhone Case by GoldStriker? The real gold rules the market at this high oil price period, but GoldStriker is for deep pocket iPhone users. What about something close to the real gold and yet just ask for a price of your fast food meal?

Today we present you the
Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case, not sure how they got the name but you sure "smell" some gold if you have chance to get one. This piece of classy art work should belong to gold iPhone cases family. To be very frank, we haven't hand-on one of this case, and we are follow-up and follow through the users feedback over the quality of the chrome work.

The most interesting concern that we want to know is how durable this chrome gold iPhone case compared to the real gold cases.
There some level of disadvantage when come to question about the discoloration of the chrome case. All chrome product need some level of care in order to maintain the shining look.

Check eBay for more attractive prices. As we saw the Buy it Now is price for US $8.99 + Shipping cost from US $6.99. Punch out "steel skin iPhone" from you keyboard and Google will bring you to those sites that selling Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case. Of course you can key in directly "gold iPhone case" and you should have a luck to search for one. Surely you will get lower price and eBayPowerseller - Awakingcrystal is not the only one sell Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case over the internet.

Following 3 images are to show the inner part of the case is chromed to give a "one piece" look. Most importantly it is better to do with durable and long lasting for daily usage. Enlarge the images for better visual.

Following close-up is show case the front view and back view of Chrome Gold Meshed iPhone Case. iPhone users who love to have steel skin case feeling will have more reason to joy over the internet, more and more iphone case makers rolling out all type iPhone skin case. Steel skin case always is my first choice.

We just love iPhone steel skin and all chrome golden iPhone cases. Like many of you, we love to put on cool iPhone cases for daily usage. But we prefer durability and aesthetic value over just the golden colors.

(Images Source: eBayPowerseller - Awakingcrystal)

If you prefer something trendy materials for as your next cool iPhone cases, plastic and silicon iPhone cases can be your choice. We also spotted some chrome iPhone cases that capture our attention.

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Craig K. said...

The only problem about full metal cases is they interfere with the phone's receptions. Some metallic cases have plastic covers where the antenna is located to fix this problem.