European Leather Cool iPhone 4S Cases by Calypsocrystal

Pre-ordered the upgraded iPhone and started your campaign to shop for the coolest iPhone 4S cases to complement your style? It's an awesome experience and it make sense too! While, it can be an exciting experience if you know what kind of latest yet trendy iPhone 4 cases best suit your taste and fashion. Many of us bombarded with countless type of iPhone 4 cases design each and every times you press the enter button.

Simon, our best friend and the ultimate collector of cool iPhone cases shared with us his searched of this precision handcrafted European iPhone 4 cases that makes perfect your style. The Calypsocrystal's Calypocase Summer 2011 collection of cool iPhone 4 cases series is kind like love at first sight experience to us. Here our expression when we first spotted them online: very awesome, very European, very elegant, very classy, very carefully handcrafted leather iPhone 4 cases. Period.

Study the Calypocase series of cool iPhone 4 cases in details, you will discovered that they are truly made for perfection. We are highly recommended this series of iPhone 4 cases. Top of our 2011 Christmas gifts shopping list. If you can't wait to buy one from now, then just treat it as a premium presents for any occasion. The person who received this cool iPhone 4 cases gifts boxed surely feel overwhelming.

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Design/color: Zurich Night (black), Cannes After Cannes (pearl white), Marrakesh Spring (orange) and Glowing Iceland (royal purple)

For: iPhone 4S/iPhone 4

You pay: 99 EURO

Our score: 10/10

Worth to mention is the gifts boxed set of CalypoCase, it's just a beautiful packaging meets the beautiful iPhone case! What you can't imagine that the cool iPhone 4 case is inside a high quality black box,it's safely protected with styled. The case is accompanied with signed certificate of authentic and material composition. All these extra details that stress no more to provide top of the class user experience to every customer! Just imagine you have done your shopping and are walking out from a Italy fashion boutique with endless satisfaction.
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Well, with all these cool iPhone 4 cases and precisely handcrafted crystal clear iPhone dock, Calypsocrystal company surely gain attention from their customers. Again, it's a piece of artwork that made to complement the demanding customers! Above is the overall experience of! The coolest iPhone 4 cases shopping experience you can ever come across online.

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