Vivid Colours Cool iPhone 4 Cases by More-Thing.com

More-thing.com is one of our favorite site to search for cool iPhone cases. Their design team is great for creativity work and awesome idea that always lead the market. We like their idea of simplicity, functional and performance, that's the reason why More-thing.com is great of cool iPhone cases. Their new lineups of iPhone 4 cases should be an all-eyes-watching event.

Check out more-thing's latest 8 vivid colors series of Swirling Series Silicone Case for iPhone 4. You're promise to find your solution of providing protection to your precious iPhone 4. As we all experience, tear and wear of any daily usage electronic gadget is unavoidable, just let your cool iPhone 4 case work for you while you are pushing your iPhone 4 for more extra value!

 (Image Source: more-thing.com)
Swirling Series not only compatible with Apple iPhone 4, you will also find the iPhone 3GS version at more-thing.com. This cool iPhone 4 cases design to be anti-slipedp with skin textured surface that provide secure grip. Worth to mention is it's made of 100% pure silicone, no alternative materials (such as TPR) is added. Odor-free, anti-static and dust proof in one design that make it your awesome iPhone 4 cases.

 (Image Source: more-thing.com)
Come along with this cool iPhone 4 case is a transparent logo protection film prevents the Apple logo from scratches and dust. An idea daily outfit for you iPhone 4 meanwhile it provide a stylish look compare to those transparent iPhone 4 cases.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Available in : White/Black/Red/Golden Yellow/Orange/Pink/Purple/Blue

Design factor: 100% pure silicone with anti-slip with skin textured surface. Durable and tear-resistant.

Price: $14.90

Score: 10/10 (Value for money purchase)

Estimated ship date: Mid July, 2010

Final Say:
Value for money cool iPhone 4 cases - $14.90. Above par quality with widely acceptable design and wide range of colors scheme. Silicone cases lover will find it interesting and easy to match their daily fashion!

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