Stunning Chrome Cool iPhone 4 Cases by Scosche

We're in love with Scosche cool iPhone 4 cases. It's a love at first sight experience to us. No doubt Apple says iPhone 4 hardened glass doesn’t need full-body case protection, a ‘bumper’ is work well to protect the smart device. But, we want more, we want to dress up the coolest iPhone 4 with Scosche's latest Chrome Metallic Polycarbonate Case. The case simply boost the already stunning look of the iPhone 4.

Scosche's polycarbonate shell provides superior protection to your iPhone 4 and the metallic dark chrome color scheme provide you an ultra-low profile designs without adding extra bulk to your smart device. This cool iPhone 4 case is designed for you to access to all connections and controls easily.

This lovely cases stand out because of the chrome surface with shiny crystal effect. The chrome effect is good enough to create a unique visual look all the time. These are the perfect companion for those who want reflective effect on their devices.

Chrome Metallic Polycarbonate Case for iPhone 4
Chrome Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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Dark Chrome Metallic Polycarbonate Case for iPhone 4
 Dark Chrome Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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Scosche are going to release a full line up of stylish iPhone 4 cases for the new Apple smart device. Do check out for more stunning iPhone 4 cases this summer from major iPhone accessories makers. The battle is going to be fiercely!

Customers who purchase this cool iPhone 4 case their will receive a mirrored screen protective and micro fiber cleaning cloth free of charge. It's simply a feel good experience that Scosche want you to experience with your purchase.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Available in : Chrome Metallic and Dark Chrome Metallic

Design factor: Mirrored effect with metallic Polycarbonate surface.

Price: $24.99

Score: 10/10 (for the stunning look and the colors scheme - we just like it!)

Estimated launch date: Shipping late June, Pre-Order now.

Final Say:
A very cool iPhone 4 case for those we love the metallic feel. Dress up your iPhone 4 with Scosche's cases from day one can be an awesome experience this summer!

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