Laser Engraved Cool iPhone 4 Cases by Grove

This is our first time to write about Grove's cool iPhone 4 cases. Grove, the Oregon company has rolled out their new cases for the newly launch of iPhone 4. This company is formed by a team of designers, programmers and makers that want to do "Everything Ourselves". Small company with big dream like Grove find room to do well in the iPhone accessories market especial iPhone cases. The factor of their success is because the majority of iPhone users prefer "alternative design" when come to iPhone cases. They want to stand out and Grove's cool iPhone 4 cases make them stand out from the crowd. Grove has added to its lineup of iPhone cases with the Bamboo iPhone 4 cases that is available in plain version, custom design and artist series.

We like Grove's artist series that design by talented artists and programmers that featuring laser engraved art works on the rear of the case. The use of natural element like wood, bamboo or charcoal as iPhone cases materials is getting popular. iPhone owners who like natural material will find Grove's iPhone cases interesting due to the flexibility of design. Almost any graphic can be laser engraved on back of the case - Grove offer you a really cool iPhone 4 cases of your choice with an acceptable price tag.

grovemade bamboo laser engraved cool iPhone 4 cases

grovemade bamboo cool iPhone 4 cases-laser engraved design image
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Besides the design of the iPhone 4 cases, Grove's team obviously put extra effort and creativity into the packaging of all their cool iPhone 4 cases, and we thought it would be awesome to feature that here. Grove's packaging which is totally made from manufacturing waste and successfully turn the packaging into art. This is because you can recycle the packaging box into a special photo display frame. We like this extra design idea very much, it surely your unique living room decorative item.
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According to Grove's official info, this Oregon made cool iPhone 4 cases take you 6-8 week lead time for non pre-orders and an additional 2 more weeks for custom design cases. So, be patient while you are waiting for the arrival of your awesome iPhone 4 cases.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4. Also available for iPhone 3GS.

Available in : Natural color of bamboo

Design factor: Form fitting case for maximum protection with flexibility custom laser engraved design.

You pay: $69 (Plain) / $89 (Custom and artist series).

Score: 10/10 (Full score for the flexibility custom design)

Final Say:
Yes, there is a different between a cool iPhone 4 case and ordinary case. Searching for an cool iPhone 4 case that’s not going to end up like everyone else is easy to achieve with Grove help. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg but they surely worth the dollar you are paying for.

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