Cygnett Cool iPhone 4 Frames Go Mainstream!

Many says iPhone 4 aluminosilicate glass panel doesn’t need full-body case protection, a 'bumper', 'loop' or 'frame' type of protection solution is good enough. That's the main reason why the official iPhone 4 bumper is selling like hotcakes. No matter what is the reason, a 360-degree protection for iPhone 4 from day one should be a good start for your precious iPhone 4. If you are thinking the same we think, and starting search for the cool iPhone 4 bumper, then you will find Cygnett Snaps Duo silicone frames an interesting solution for your iPhone 4. 

When come to transform design concept to be came a practical product, less can be more. Cygnett Snaps Duo silicone frame is simply a contemporary design that turn mainstream product. It's a snappy cool iPhone 4 frames allow an instant change of scene while let you to access to all ports, controls and connectors without hassle.

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Customers who purchase one of this pack of Snaps Duo silicone frames will receive 1 black and 1 color silicone frame, so you can dress up your iPhone 4 with conservative black or go wild with charming color when you need it. The pack comes with 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Available in:  Red & Black / Orange & Black / Turquiose & Black / Grey & Black / Yellow & Black / Blue & Black / Pink & Black
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Design factor: All cool iPhone 4 frames are made from premium silicone and easy to go color scheme. Emphasize a 360-degree protection of the 4 smooth edges while back and front screen protectors guard iPhone 4 surfaces completely. A beautiful and carefully design artwork that offer practical function for daily use.

Price: TBA

Score: 10/10 (We like the 2 color pack idea. No limit to go conservative or go wild when we want to! Worth to mention is the 2 year manufacturer's warranty)

Estimated ship date: NA

Final Say:
We see this type cool iPhone 4 frames are going main stream after Jobs introduced it during the WWDC 2010. We prefer a stylish design protection solution while we're able to show off the glossy glass panel of iPhone 4 without restriction. Be ready to see more and more cool iPhone 4 frames in the market in no time! Count down for the official launch of iPhone 4.

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