Your Cool iPhone 4 Cases is Ready by Philips

Philips the electronic giant that famous for designing and manufacturing countless number of creative and user friendly gadgets is launching their latest cool iPhone 4 cases. Philips simply want you cover you iPhone 4 from day one. Their marketing slogan "Simple Solution - Clearly Designed for your iPhone 4" is what we like to share with you. You will definitely like the idea of "keep your iPhone 4 looking fabulous" yet maintain it simplicity if fancy graphic and playful design iPhone 4 cases is not what you want to have.

Let go back go back to the basic of protection, if you can't bear the thought of getting scratches on your new iPhone 4, or you're the kind of person that needs to add extra design on your iPhone 4, then this could be perfect for you. The Philips bumper or Loop design cool iPhone 4 bumper case - it's the simple way to protector your iPhone 4 especially the gorgeous curves of glass and the cool stainless steel – the part of design factor that make iPhone 4 to be well worth the wait.

Philips's  loop design, hard shell and soft shell iPhone 4 cases are like below. Basic and contemporary design iPhone 4 cases may be good enough since the the smartphone itself already a topic. Simplicity case is what suit the charming iPhone 4, a natural companion!

Philips Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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Philips' designed their iPhone 4 cases as sleek as they should while providing protection in the areas you need it most. As we know Philips is so committed to creating high-end designs that will fit how you truly use your iPhone 4. Protection and awesome design are the most important factors for us to decide what to be a cool iPhone cases.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Available in : TBA

Design factor: 100% pure silicone with anti-slip with skin textured surface. Durable and tear-resistant.

Price: TBA

Score: 10/10 (Hard to come by Philips's design)

Estimated launch date: 24 June, 2010

Where to purchase: Philips shopfront on

Final Say:
iPhone 4 surely be the best-selling Apple products in history, the iPhone accessories market especially the cool iPhone cases are what users need from day one. Be prepared to see more iPhone accessories makers come into the market, Philips is one of them.

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