More-Thing Metallic Cool iPhone Cases always rock the iPhone cases market by introducing all time coolest iPhone cases. This round, they're introducing the all new, ever stylish anodized plastic iPhone cases with metallic finishing and engraving patterns. Again, is getting ahead in the competition.

Their Stitch and Catena metallic series of cool iPhone cases comes in Silver and Titanium colors. A very stylish iPhone cases series that pack with standard cutting and it's also a clip-on style and slim fit grip iPhone case that easily to wear on to your iPhone 3G or 3GS. Stylish and functional are what we can think of when we see this cool iPhone cases for the first time. With this awesome iPhone cases, no problem at all to prevent and shields your iPhone from scratches, damages and dust.

More-Thing Metallic Cool iPhone CasesMore-Thing Metallic Cool iPhone Cases-Engraved EditionMore-thing Titanum Catena Cool iPhone CasesMore-Thing Titanum Stitch Cool iPhone Cases(Images Source:

More-Thing's cool iPhone cases comes with Crystal Screen Protector included (1pc.), Mirror Screen Protector included (1pc.) and Mircofiber Cleaning Cloth included (1pc.). Overall, we're so excited about this series of cool iPhone cases, all of them looks amazing! We can't wait to get one!

Price: $32.90

Cool Factor: 10.5/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Final Say:
One of our favorites cool iPhone cases that built to impress and to attract people. Would be your coolest iPhone cases and go best all the time with all fashion! We expected this series of metallic iPhone cases is selling hot due to year end shopping season - due to it cool color scheme!

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