Belkin Cool iPhone 4 Cases That For Grip, Slides and Protects

Belkin the company that popular for gadget accessories is launching a series of cool iPhone 4 cases to welcome the "confirmed" best-selling smartphone in Apple' history. The innovative design front and back glossy panel of aluminosilicate glass plus the ever stylish stainless steel band are two of the breakthrough element in phone industry. Decorating your stylish iPhone 4 with the Belkin iPhone 4 cases becomes the de-facto of many iPhone owners.

Before the official launch of 24 June, We're going to share with you Belkin latest Shield Eclipse and Shield Micra cool iPhone 4 cases. Firstly, the Shield Eclipse is best for grips, slides and protects. This Belkin iPhone 4 case that meet your requirement to keep safe your ever precious iPhone 4. Their Dual-Function is a turbo design that offers the best of both worlds. Shield Eclipse - the hard upper shell is transparent to show case the Apple logo while it allow you a smooth experience to slide the device easily into your pocket and the molded grip is soft to the touch for a secure grip that lets you easily pull your iPhone 4 out of your pocket.

Shield Eclipse's dual protection is a unique concept that rarely see in iPhone cases. It's not hybrid iPhone case. It's simply the best case that applying concept of duality design. The top section of transparent hard polycarbonate offer you impact-protection, while the scratch-resistant bottom is design for durability to protect against accidental drops and bumps.

Belkin Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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 Available in Vivid Blue, Black Pearl, Royal Purple and White Pearl.

The second Belkin latest cool iPhone 4 case that we want you to know is the Shield Micra series. The official overview it as Flex, Feel, Protect. This form-fitting design iPhone 4 case is best to protect your iPhone with the flexible, touchable case without extra bulk so that it look ultra-thin. It's aslo a lightweight iPhone 4 case that come with streamlined design to embrace your device to slip easily in and out from your pocket.
Ultra-thin Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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Available in Clear, Black Pearl and Royal Purple

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4

Design factor: Dual-Function and Dual-Protection.

Price: $29.99

Score: 9/10

Estimated launch date: Coming soon

Final Say:
A very good choice of Belkin cool iPhone 4 case that offer you 1 Year Limited Warranty. Like it or not, it's surely a practical and value for money iPhone 4 accessories that you can find so far. Own it from day one because your iPhone 4 deserve a proper protection and care.

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