3D Cool iPhone Cases - Great Christmas Gifts by SwtichEasy

CapsuleRebel M cool iPhone cases is SwitchEasy’s iPhone accessories latest extension for iPhone 3G and 3GS. We’re expecting a series competitive new launch before end of 2009, the iPhone accessories market is so hot with so many newly launch awesome cool iPhone cases. To us, the CapsuleRebel M will be one of the great launch of cool iPhone cases for the coming Christmas shopping season. You can always trust SwitchEasy to whip out a selection of great looking and performance cool iPhone cases, and the biggest eye catcher for this Christmas is the CapsuleRebel M cool iphone cases. As you can see, the new CapsuleRebel M cool iPhone cases is a revised version of SwitchEasy’s earlier CapsuleRebel iPhone case. It comes with an ultraframe hard protection system and soft polymer for cushioning and protection purposes. Be prepared a comparison list before you make a final call for your new cool iPhone cases!
 2009 SwitchEasy Cool iPhone Cases for Christmas Gifts

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This  iPhone case is designed to provide maximum protection for the back and sides of your iPhone 3GS. The ergonomic spine structure is for better grip and comfortable fit, these features is surely and enhancement feature to the earlier version of CapsuleRebel iPhone case. With a video dock stand, it make your iPhone 3GS and great all time personal entertainment companion.
 CapsuleRebel M Christmas Cool iPhone Cases
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The CapsuleRebel M cool iPhone cases series is bundled with two anti-static screen guards, one microfiber wipe, one video dock stand, two connector and two 3.5mm jack protectors, plus white and black universal dock adapters. A proper design package that provide everything you need to protect your iPhone 3G.

CapsuleRebel M Cool iPhone cases Package content
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Color: Black and White

Price: $30

Final say:
During this coming holiday season, put the CapsuleRebel M 3D cool iphone cases to work for you, let SwitchEasy helping you shine this Christmas. A great buy of your Christmas gifts!

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