XRAP 3G Cool iPhone Cases by XSKN

First time to meet XRAP 3G cool iPhone cases by XSKN? If you're long enough in the iPhone accessories and cases market, XSKN should be one of your trusted source of cool iPhone cases. Still remember their motto - "Got iPhone? Show it off with XRAP!" We like the way they putting iPhone and cool iPhone cases together.

Just for a simple intro, XSKN is a Canadian artist and entrepreneur organization that created many world first and finest silicone casings or skins for the electronic gadget market. They believe "to innovate and develop new manufacturing methods that other manufacturers can only dream about." That's another reason we like XRAP 3G as our cool iPhone cases compare to those generic silicone cases. No hard selling here, you will take XRAP 3G as your coolest iPhone cases because they are build so beautifully.

June' 09, XSKN is going to introduce the world their new XRAP 3G iPhone case - code name the BlackOnBlack - with Poly Carbonite touch through PET screen. Not all black silicone cases can be the coolest iPhone cases. Wait until June' 09 and we will see what XSKN about to offer?

NEW XRAP Cool iPhone Cases by XSKN


If you can't wait till June' 09, then you have to try out their current available XRAP 3G cases, you may find some of them as cool as their BlackOnBlack. Basically, we love all of them!


Check out for their "FREE SHIPPING on all orders" policy before get yourself the cool iPhone cases. It's another great reason for you to have XRAP 3G as your next cool iPhone cases!

Price: $29.95

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

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