Cool iPhone Cases - Perfect Christmas Gifts For iPhone Gamers

Problem to hold the sleek iPhone 3GS firm while you're playing hours of extreme gaming! You're not alone especially after hours of playing games with the device, then the cool iPhone cases by QDOS' JetPlay could help give you the edge. Go and get yourself the cool iPhone cases this Christmas that allow you to play games without stress.

QDOS's JetPlay is an ergonomic design cool iPhone cases that features a sturdy and secure grip so no matter how much you tilt and turn the device, your iPhone 3GS won't slip a way from your hands. Like others QDOS iPhone cases, JetPlay is design and build perfectly for solution in mind, it's best for accelerometer based games that need fast action to tilt and turn the device for direction.

(Images: QDOSsound.com)
No doubt the JetPlay cool iPhone cases never come with a good look, but the features and function is really what you pay for. You're can access the headphone and dock connectors while it's on and it's compatible with the all iPhone model and iPod Touch second generation.

Price : £24.99

Cool Factor: 9/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Final say:
With no doubt, QDOS's JetPlay black rigid gaming case is design for iPhone gamer. JetPlay is the only way to up your high scores on the iPhone without cheating. Remember to fire up your Christmas shopping idea with QDOS's cool iPhone cases.

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