Individually Beautiful Cool iPhone 4 Covers by Trunket

Can't find the perfect iPhone 4 case despite the overabundance of choices on the market? What design you are really looking for is always a time consuming experience for many online shoppers. Good news for the lover of everything natural look and feel, you have to check out Trunket's new lineup of American Rosewood covers for iPhone 4. Trunket's production only use the carefully selected natural Rosewood and that's why no two are exactly alike. Due to the origin of natural resources character, each one of Trunket cool iPhone 4 cover is an unique and individually beautiful artwork.

All Trunket's cool iPhone 4 skins are carefully handcrafted from natural Rosewood. It's an awesome offer for wood lover, and we're pretty sure some iPhone 4 owners are probably love the Trunket cool iPhone 4 covers very much. Personally I like the Sea Blue Rosewood design (below image).

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As we can see, Trunket's cool iPhone 4 covers are more like a fine layer of thin skin that attach to the back of the iPhone 4 with an adhesive. Of course it can be removed and reapplied, although you are not recommend frequent removal and reapplication. This is due to all type of adhesive material have a limited usage.

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Design: 6 design - sea blue, hickory, jet black, orange, blood red and violet.

Availability: for your lovely iPhone 4.

How much: You can purchase Trunket's covers for $24.

Our score: 8.5/10

Final Say:
Not all of you are wood lover! I preferred the wood stay in the jungle for many years to come. Go green if you are supporter of Green movement. Trunket's cool iPhone 4 covers are truly a personal affair! You may find our early report of wooden iPhone 4 skins interesting if you are everything wooden person!

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