Metallic Case-Mate 3G S Cool iPhone Cases

Case-mate's new line of sporty and coolest iPhone cases is the warmest welcome to the newly launch iPhone 3GS. These cases are well designed to protect the iPhone 3GS while allowing more of it to show at the same time helping you shine. Coded name the Barely There Cases is a complete series of 11 colors cool looking iPhone cases. The main features of Barely There cases is the extremely slim build and impact resistant solid shell. This case will completely cover the back and 4 corners of your new iPhone 3GS while let you have directly access to all connectors. Worth to mention is the full-face screen protection design that let the large touch screen protected at all time. You will appreciate this feature very much because no additional purchase of screen protection sheet required.

Below is the cool iPhone cases from the Barely There series. We especially love the metallic silver or chrome iPhone cases, it reminding us about the 1st generation iPhone that created so much hype since the first day of the launch. Remember to check for the complete set of color range.

Barely There Cool iPhone Cases by Case-MateBarely There Cool iPhone Cases_3 colors_images(Images:

The metallic sliver cool iPhone cases of Case-Mate is look alike the ever popular chrome iPhone cases that widely search over the internet. We like this metallic chrome iphone cases because of the 1st generation iPhone look. That the moment we fall in love with iPhone and we will never stop searching for metallic chrome iPhone cases, it's the the element of style, it's the timeless cool iPhone cases we ever want.

Price: $19.90

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Final Say:
The must have cool iPhone cases for chrome iPhone cases lover.

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