Really "Uncommon" Cool iPhone 4 Cases by GetUncommon

Apples' betting the iPhone 4 is going to be its best-selling product yet. And our prediction of best-selling cool iPhone 4 case would be the highly customized iPhone cases, like the one offer by GetUncommon. Uncommon the company that specialized in high quality customized cool iPhone cases is staying ahead in the market comfortably by announcing their new lineups of cool iPhone 4 cases before their competitors are doing the same. They are one of the early birds jump in the band wagon of cool iPhone 4 cases market! To give iPhone 4 a warmest welcome this summer, Uncommon will be offering highly customizable versions of its all-time popular Trooper Case and Gallery Case (white and black colors). Uncommon also introduce their new entry - the Simple Loop a.k.a the iPhone bumber same as the one introduced by Jobs at WDC 2010 keynotes.

If you are new to Uncommon company, here are the business concept of their offering of cool iPhone cases. "All Uncommon products start out as blank canvases ready for you to customize with your own images or with artwork from our galleries" and "Collectible art made easy. Select from pre-made cases customized by artists, designers and brands". Simply the best offering to capture attention (and the wallet) of iPhone users who only want to be different in life.

Gallery Case (white and black colors)

Uncommon Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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The Trooper Case
Trooper Cool iPhone 4 Cases
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The iPhone 4 Loop is totally new to the market, it's like a car bumper, to protect your precious iPhone 4 from accidental damages. Simply a protection without the artwork, the flexible Loop covers the most sensitive parts of your iPhone 4, while showcasing both sides. With the Loop on you are able to shows off both sides of rugged Gorilla Glass iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 Loop
 Uncommon Cool iPhone 4 Loop Cases
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To us, all Uncommon cool iPhone 4 cases are so unique. It's a piece of awesome artwork rather than a highly customized cool iPhone 4 cases. Bravo Uncommon. Hope we can pile up our cool iPhone cases collections with all of their design.

Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4 (Check out for iPhone 3Gs cases and iPod cases if you need one)

Available in : White/Black

Design factor: All canvas are made from premium impact resistant polymers and come with twin-shot bezels that function as your beautiful artwork protector.

Price: TBA

Score: 10/10 (Value for the unique "Create Your Own", so get your personal image ready)

Estimated ship date: To be notify for iPhone 4 and iPad, all other iPhone and iPod cases are available now.

Final Say
Super cool iPhone 4 custom cases for the price of just $39.95. As official info, the used of premium quality polymers with widely welcome "Create Your Own" design and popular black and white of colors scheme, GetUncommon sure make you stand on top of the "Cloud". For those who always want to be difference, you will find these cool iPhone 4 cases awesome, right?

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