Abee Aluminium Jacket for iPhone 4

When we first spotted Abee's aluminium jacket for iPhone 4, it's was a half love it and half hate it experience. We love it because of the material used to manufacture the aluminium cool iPhone 4 case. We hate it because it is over design - from our perspective of appreciating product design! Abee, the Yokohama based company is very best to accommodate customer's demands with their strength on product development. We have to study the design concept behind their aluminium jacket in order to appreciate it properly!

If you haven’t noticed, an increasing number of cool iPhone 4 cases that made by aluminium have been entering the market lately. Abee Corporation entry the iPhone accessories market by introducing the alumimium jacket is sure an eagerly desirous to achieve a strong stand in the competitive market place.

Abee's product development team has come out with the ultra thin Type 01 - their very first all aluminium cool iphone 4 case. With this jacket on, you are surely provide a stunning outer wear to the mighty iPhone 4. By that time, someone next to you is giving you a second look so that he/her can see your aluminium cool iPhone 4 case clearly. However, don't you agree that the volume control section can be a talking point over the internet?

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Abee's Type 01 aluminium iPhone case is available in 6 different colors. We're expecting positive response to the metal colours range because metal lovers should prefer them over blue, red and purple
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Following is Abee's Type 02 aluminium jacket for iPhone 4. Be patient if you you're like all metal cool iPhone 4 cases. We're liking to Type 02 design because of it clean design but we are put it to reserve due to the 4 rounded corner. Any comment? 
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Colour: 6 design for Type 01

Available: iPhone 4

How much: ¥7980 - ¥8180 (about US$100) for Type 01. Type 02 N/A.

Our score: 9/10

Final say:
Like it or hate it. What you say? This cool iPhone 4 case or jacket is not easily well accept by some iPhone 4 users. To us, Type 02 is look cool but we're saying no to the 4 protruding round corners. Not really pocket friendly!

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