Case-Mate Your Absolutely Perfect Cool iPhone Cases

Case-Mate absolutely your perfect cool iPhone cases when you want to give your wallet a break. Bring with you just your ID, driving license, credit card and a little cash plus the ever wonder iPhone 3GS for your Friday night downtown clubbing sound very cool and relax.That the best scenario only if you're not plan to carry a lot of stuff and like to keep life simple, Case-Mate cool iPhone cases surely rock your world.

No mistake to make this cool iPhone case as your stylish iPhone protective gear, as well as your wallet keep only your necessities. We love the new Case-Mate's case especially the chrome iPhone case so much compare to the other seven colors. A proper design silver or chrome iPhone cases can make you look sophisticated and as well as futuristic feel. A hybrid design and ultra slim cool iPhone cases should be the next wave for convenience and smart living lifestyle.

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Start from Case-Mate to look for a minimal yet cool iPhone cases that comfortably fits your driving license, a credit card or Metrocard. Keep less with more, that why very fall in love with iPhone 3GS design concept.

Below are some sharing about the critical facts of this ultra slim iPhone cases from Case-Mate official site:
Q) Will it demagnetize my credit cards?
A) No, this was tested prior to launching the case.

Q) Will my cards fall out of the case?
A) No, the patented design allows the cards to stay in even if you only carry a single card.

Q) How do I remove the cards?
A) Easy access provided with dual slots to remove your cards – top and bottom.

Q) Will the case or cards have any impact on signal quality?
A) No, we tested this before launching and saw no impact on signal quality.

Price: $29.99

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Overall: 9.5/10

Final say:
Case-Mate's ID Credit Card Cases is an absolutely perfect cool iPhone cases to place all your simple necessities before you walk out the door for your Friday night downtown clubbing. A leading design for hybrid cool iPhone cases.

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