Noreve is Selling iPhone 3G Cases For 9990.00€

Noreve, the UK based company specialized in the manufacturing of high quality, leather cases for mobile devices is selling diamond leather cases for iPhone 3G, the case is available now and is sells for a cool 9990.00€ (~US14,990). Obviously, this case is not for everyone...but that's the point! This simple sleeve-style iPhone 3G case is come with 272 diamonds with a total weight of 6.8 karats. That's all for the high price you are going to pay for. Of course you will own a piece of cool iPhone case that only custom made for you.

The company is famous for specialized in offers high quality iPod cases and other big brands electronic devices before the world have iPhone. No surprise the company want to tap into the iPhone accessories market with their specialty and huge customers bases that willing to pay more for luxury iPhone cases. iPhone fans with deep pocket and burning desire to show-off their financial well-doing will buy the concept of luxury iPhone cases. For more information about the ultra cool iPhone cases please go to www.noreve.com.

(Image Source: noreve.com)

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