All Time Hybrid iPhone 3G Case

Nothing new from us BUT it's important to share with our users the "All Time Best Hybrid iPhone 3G Case" - Extra power + Protection case = Value for Money". We are talking about a must-have iPhone accessory for travelers and people to use their iPhone all day long by turning on the 3G connection. We are going to share with you how the invincible Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G work for you. If you are thinking of to own just one iPhone 3G case and not spending extra penny for other iPhone accessories, then this hybrid iPhone 3G case is make sense to you perfectly.

There is no doubt that your iPhone is a powerful and sexy smartphone in the world. However, did you ever notice that your powerful iPhone 3G also a power hunger smartphone? All depend on how you use it. Jimmy, my buddy need to turn on the 3G connection of his iPhone to monitor his forex account remotely. As the result, he always need to recharge the iPhone almost everyday - never miss.

The solutions for Jimmy is to get "extra juice" while he is on the move. We recommended to him "The All-New Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G", which is designed to at least double up the time Jimmy can Show-Off, Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with his iPhone 3G for 24/7 perfectly.

This beautifully build hybrid iPhone 3G case is really a boost for power and look. We also found out that Mophie Juice Pack is the first Apple certified "Works With iPhone" attached battery in the world!

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The Mophie Juice Pack is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case. It's totally logic to use the Mophine Juice Pack as your next cool iPhone case. That why we call it the invincible all time best hybrid iPhone case that give you extra power and protection while you are on the go.

Here how it work: The Mophie Juice Pack extends the time that you can use your iPhone 3G in multiple ways (we are showing the additional hours):

  • Standby Time – Up to 350 hours
  • Talk Time – Up to 6 hours on 3G | Up to 12 hours on 2G
  • Internet Use – Up to 6 hours on 3G | Up to 7 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Audio Playback – Up to 28 hours
  • Video Playback – Up to 8 hours
  • Protection - 24/7
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With the Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G, phone users are powered up and ready to go as far as the want to! The Juice Pack for iPhone 3G is available for Pre-Order. The expected ship date is in late September. MSRP of $99.95. [via]

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