Amphibx Waterproof Armband For iPhone 3G By H2O Audio

Use your iPhone 3G in water with Amphibx Waterpr00f Armband from H2O Audio! We are so surprise when we meet this cool iPhone case for the first time. Listen to the music and watching the MTV clips when you are diving is possible nowadays.

Die hard divers cum iPhone owners attention please, if you have to dive without your iPhone 3G then you really need this piece of cool iPhone cases as the swim jacket for your iPhone. Call your mom while you are diving is make possible by H2O Audio, the company is specializes in waterpr00f electronic cases and underwater audio equipment has released their totally new range of waterpr00f cases that will work well with the newly launched iPhone 3G. Almost forget to mention that H2O Audio also offer the best waterpr00f iPod cases and waterpr00f accessories in the industry.

(Image Source : www.h2oaudio.com)
The new range named Amphibx Waterpr00f Armband is going to offer a 100% watertight tested down to 3.6m deep. Amphibx Waterpr00f Armband design such away with the ability to manage the touch and click wheel controls even under water and come with a connector for using a standard headphone plugs. Of course it work well with another in house product by H2O Audio - the Surge Bass Amplified Waterpr00f Headphones.

Both range available in the US by August 08, the cases are expected to cost you $79.99, not expensive at all if you want some hip-hop musics and make call to your mom when you are in the water.

Googling around for the original Amphibx Waterpr00f Armband for iPhone 3G, settle nothing for huge discount, insist to buy from the authorized companies or sites because you really need 100% waterproof to save guard your iPhone in the water. Take no risk when you have to.

Official information by H2O Audio as below:
  • Submersible up to 12ft/3.6m
  • LatchTight Locking Closure - Provides 100% watertight seal
  • Dual Flex Rings - Adjustable strap fits practically any arm size
  • SealTight Connector - Compatible with standard 3.5mm headphone jacks
  • ClearTouch Window - Full operation of touch and click wheel controls
  • Designed to fit most iPods, MP3 players and phones
(Image Source : www.h2oaudio.com)

Before dive into the water you need to have the soon to be released SURGE bass-amplified waterpr00f headphones. It's cost only $59.99.

H2O Audio's headphones provide a waterpr00f music experience that no one come close. The Sound-isolating ability and the completely seal earplugs harness the full range audio experience while you are in the water.

Official information by H2O Audio as below:
  • Submersible up to 12ft/3.6m
  • Acoustically engineered for exceptional clarity and bass
  • Ergonomically designed Earplugs-Five separate sizes included for an individualized fit and completely seal
  • MotionFlex strain relief connector fits standard 3.5mm jacks
  • Carrying Case included
  • Compatible with all H2O Audio Series Waterpr00f Cases excluding the SV Series and the iSH2 Waterpr00f Headset.
Surge Bass Amplified Waterpr00f Headphones for $59.99
(Image Source : www.h2oaudio.com)

Remember to register your purchase online to entitle for warranty. Who know when the water will get into your lovely iPhone while you are in the water. Now you can dance in the water with this cool iphone case!! [via]

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