Cool iPhone 3G case with Non-Slip Silicone Accents by DLO

DLO the maker of many cool iPhone cases and accesories always lead the market with some "think Out of the Box" iPhone accessories. This round we are introducing their latest HybridShell case that match perfectly with your beloved new iPhone 3G. The DLO latest creation of iPhone 3G case with Non-Slip Silicone Accents can free your new iPhone from accidentally scratches or a fall without having you to pay a lot. Please accept the fact that body and screen scratches are inevitable for your iPhone 3G.

William, one of our best friend who spotted this cool iphone 3G case and immediately introduce to us about his finding. He just loved this DLO HybridShell case concept. To him, the used of crystal-clear polycarbonate plus gripable silicone is best the combination to provide a strong protection layer for your iPhone 3G.

DLO HybridShell iPhone 3G case(Image Source:

This fusion look cool iPhone 3G case is just the beginning of DLO creation, the creativity is what we are going to pay for. The silicone dots on the back of the HybridShell case is adding a layer of grip meanwhile the iPhone touch screen that protected by a layer of Surface Shield to against any scratches and smudges that can happen any time any where. DLO HybridShell case will grip almost any surface and prevent your cool iPhone 3G from falling off from your office desk. Imagine the similar concept of silicone mad you put on your car's deskboard - the hold your sunglasses or wallet from falling off while your are driving along the country road.

To prevent your beloved iPhone for a fall is far more worth to rescue it after a fall.

Check for this cool iPhone 3G case that cost you a small sum of $24.99.

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