World's First Touch Sensitive iPhone 3G Case

iVYSKIN Xylo T3 Touch Thru - the world's first touch sensitive iPhone 3G case from IVYSKIN can be your next cool iPhone 3G cases any time. IVYSKIN the US-based manufacturer of only cool iPhone cases and iPhone accessories is releases three cases lately. The Unique Selling Point of IVYSKIN latest releases is - "A new iPhone 3G case offers protection for your iPhone 3G while allowing you to touch on-screen buttons". Another iPhone 3G hybrid case that always think of the functionality and perfection. Worth to mention is the use of German designed material is second to none on the market! That the real value we as the users willing to pay for rather than just colorful and "eye-blinging" coolest iPhone 3G cases.

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Due to body and screen scratches are inevitable especially for daily usage, Xylo T3 iPhone 3G case come with a solid screen cover to provide "total enclosure environment" so that to protect the whole iPhone.

You are easily noted that IVYSKIN is serious about their product. You will have three hingly demanding element in one case - a Chrome Reflect design, a Touch-Thru Design and True Polycarbonate Design in one case - that's is the iVYSKIN Xylo T3 Touch Thru.

More information can be found on IVYSKIN's website.

Price: $34.99 (iPhone 3G not include)

Update: 13-09-08

Check below video for more information about iVYSKIN Xylo T3 Touch Thur. See it to believe it.

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