Luxury iPhone Skin - iPhone Steel Skin

Yes, the luxury iPhone Skin we're talking this round is "iPhone Steel Skin" from Korea.

The classy golden color and 2 tone design are the factors that made this luxury iPhone Steel Skin really cool and affordable for many iPhone owners that don't want to spend extra dollar and wanted to preserve a good look of iPhone.

For those who prefer no leather or gem stones and wanted their iPhone look as cool as those expensive iPhone cases, maybe they should take a look of this Korea made luxury iPhone Steel Skin made by 100% metal that consider more durable yet environmental friendly.

Search around eBay with keywords - "Gold Tiger iPhone Steel Skin Case Cover", you will easily spotted what the Korea merchant is selling online. As of today's date, the highest bid for the steel skin was $20.49, excluded shipping cost, but the start bidding price was just $19.99, and only 1 item out of 10 item listed at eBay managed to find a buyer.

It's great to take a look on iPhone Steel Skin before you make a purchase . You will find more images at eBay, there is also some brief introduction of how to place the steel skin on your phone over the there.

Here the quick look of the iPhone Steel Skin...

Below images are showcase some details of the "Gold Tiger iPhone Steel Skin Case Cover". This Korea maker really serious and confident about their products, just take a look at the attached certificate from Korean Authority about this product.

An a+ iPhone steel skin compared to those plastic feeling skin, no fancy color but come with classy and contemporary design. The is important factor is it's inexpensive at all, try your luck at eBay if you really want to have one of this luxury look iPhone Steel Skin to replace your current one.

Considered this Korea made cool iPhone accessories when you are shopping for something special yet eyes catching iPhone accessories.

Remarks: check here for more steel skin iPhone cases.


forexwarior said...

wow amazing gadget, today ipod has become part of our lifestye

Ara said...

I know this product. I bought this Steel Skin for 3G iPhone on ebay recently too. I have pink Steel Skin with butterflies. It looks really good. My boy friend like this skin so much, so, I'm going to give blue Steel Skin to my boyfriend for gift~:)