Maximum Protection for iPhone

Marware's Quick Vue provided maximum protection for your iPhone. It's should be an a+ iPhone case for maximum protection at the price range of $20-$30.

Quick Vue does not have sexy or cool design, and it's a dark colour iPhone case - boring! Still, it's save better than sorry. Make sure your iPhone case serve more than just a typical accessory.

Quick Vue design able to capture attention of serious iPhone owners who want to take iPhone protection issue as their primary concern when come to buy an iPhone case. Teenages will not like it, but executive does - it's just look mature and reliable!!

Quick Vue able to provide maximum protect (360 degree protection) with it capsural design.

Design factor:
* Elegant, slim, and ultra-durable rubberized exterior with access to headphone port (the headphone port is accessible while the case is closed - very well design).
* A quick-release forged-metal clasp allows for easy phone access (Permanently attached belt clip for secure mounting - important for careless users who need to answer incoming call before the third ring!!).
* Quick release latch gives quick and easy accessibility to all iPhone features (Screen display, Dock connector, Headphone port, microphone, and camera lens).

* Hard plastic with a smooth and rubberized finish.
* The inside features a soft, plush lining that will not scratch your iPhone.

<$30 Where to buy:


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