iPhone Insurance for Accidental Damage

Bill: Where can I buy Insurance Policy for my iPhone??

Jobs: Why you need Insurance Coverage for your iPhone?? iPhone is built for ever lasting!!
This is an Urgent Reminder - your iPhone need maximum protection.

Please protect your iPhone against expensive situation - Accidental Damage!

iPhone need more then average protection because 90% iPhone case in the market are only for minimum protection. Luxury iPhone case that look good, cool, sexy may not useful enough to protection your iPhone from damages!

So, what kind of iPhone damages that we need to avoid totally? What about a broken iPhone screen!

Yes, a broken ultra-sensitive touch screen is what you need to avoid!

iPhone Touch Screen should considered wear and tear part that not under Warranty coverage (check for more details), once broken, you need to send back to Apple Store and fix it with extra dollar!

Below are some horrible looks of broken iPhone Touch Screens.



Please do something to protect your iPhone Screen because accident happen every where!

Reminder for iPhone Owners
Please look for an iPhone Insurance Policy for Maximum Protection! Just google around and you will find iPhone Protection Plan that meet your demand. Not to listen to Jobs when come to protect your iPhone. Good luck!

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