Ultra Expensive a+ iPhone Case - With Diamond and Gold

Here comes one of the most luxury iPhone case available on the market. It's an a+ iPhone case to have if you have a deep pocket!

What I am talking here is a well design and used of best combination of materials products. Diamonds and gold plus ultra luxury carbon leather. The using of high technology in design and production process make the iPhone case one step near to perfection. The owner of this ultra luxury iPhone skin should be no problem to stand up from the New York iPhone users.

No matter how expensive the case or skin can be, it must come along iphone touchscreen protection fucntion, this is the most basic way to take care your lovely iPhone.

Item:Gold & Diamond iPhone Case

Material:Gold & Diamond

Targeted user:Big spender that looking for extra-ordinary product


Marketing status:Very limited unit

Who really need a such high price iPhone case just to perform basic fuuction, that's to protect iPhone. Only those with really deep pocket from oil rich Middle East can afford such luxurious iPhone case. It just not make sense for died hard iPhone fan to spend such money, with USD 20k in hand, you can have Apple Mac Series of product including the latest Mac Air and iPod Touch.

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