Vaja Bring You Their Custom Design iPhone Leather Case

According to Vaja web site, they are offering custom design iPhone leather case for customer who always want something personal. All leather used in Vaja's products is full grain cowhide from Argentina. All leather used have not been altered in any way and maintaine the natural markings and character to show the original texture of leather.

Vaja brand not just selling iPhone leather case and other telecommunication product casing, it's also one of the company that provide custom or special order iPhone leather case. That's some special and it's like Nike's shoes custom design facility. A minimum of $280 is the price that we have to pay for custom order of Vaja's iPhone leather case.

Below image is the screen shot from Vaja's web site. Check out the "Make It Custom" section, there are 1000+ combination available for customers who interested to try their hand on design work.

Following image is the information about one of Vaja's popular product. Vaja's web site also the best to show case all their products with lot of details that always seek by protential buyers.

Vaja's Special Edition iPhone leather case is a eye catching item that many serious iPhone owners always wanted to have. Check out all facet and corners of the case, you will notices the superior workmanship and quality of Vaja's porducts.

Showcase Vaja's iPhone case. There are about 5 different design including the special edition. For those who looking for customize design iPhone case should consider Vaja services. The minimum price tag of $220 should consider high price but not as high as those designer brand like the LV iPhone case. Consider it's a cool iPhone accessories available in the market.

Last Updates: 31 March 2008

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