Ultra-Case Cool iPhone Cases - for 3G | 3GS

We started this blog since the very first day of iPhone Classic launched! Since then, we never look back why we love to search for the cool iPhone cases, it's because we fall in love with the awesome design and function of the iPhone. So far, we've blog and review more than 120 model or version of cool iPhone cases. Our list of finest and coolest iPhone cases collection is growing because the iPhone 3G/3GS is really rock. Can you resist not to own and try one? Especially the price of the updated iPhone 3G is merely $99. We confess, we can't!!

This round we're checking the Ultra-Case for iPhone 3G because Simon, one of friend of mine and follower of this site make noise that why we never chat about his newly bought ultra case's Ribbon cool iPhone cases. After a quick visit to the site, we agree to Simon that we have missed out to add Ultra-Case as our cool iPhone cases.

Ribbon series of Ultra-Case iPhone cases features the uniqueness of multicolored vertical linear design that promise to help you shine. With this cool iPhone cases on, you are grabbing everyone’s attention no matter where you are. Like other ultra cases for iPhone, Ribbon is build with lightweight polycarbon that made know of it ability to provide protection. It would be your durable yet trendy iPhone cases for daily use.

A well mix multicolored should be your next cool iPhone cases for this summer. Not one but 4 design of multicolored vertical linear to choose for. That should be the reason for Simon to bring along this cool iPhone cases for his Hawaii beach summer holiday.

Price: $19.90

Cool Factor: 10/10
Durability: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Best for well-mixed multicolored and lightweight body design. Sure cool iPhone cases for your dynamic summer holidays!

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