ClearTouch Crystal™ - Apple iPhone

Another great to protect your touch screen. This is a must have accessory for you iPhone if you choose to have minimum yet critical protection to your iPhone - to protect the touch screen.

Quick Facts of ClearTouch Crystal™

Where to buy: boxwave.com

Wow Factor: Provide maximum clarity for your iPhone - almost 100% visual transparency with high quality plastic - should be the clearest touch screen protection for iPhone. A complete coverage for your iPhone screen.

Price: from US$12.95

Colour: Clear - transparent

Additional info: Each package also includes one ClearTouch Applicator card and one micro-fiber cleaning clot

Fact / Feature

Simple and neat iPhone accessory that provide solid protection to the iPhone touch screen (not to the body). Still the best way to remain iPhone original look yet provide critical protection to the touch screen. But about $13 buck for a piece of plastic considered expensive to me.

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