iPhone Case can be a piece of art work

This Italian brand selling all up market smartphone case and accessories. I personally like iPhone Strada Case is because of the materials and all hand made process that amuse me. iPhone Strada Case also available with leather materials like crocodile (USD 319) or even Oak Ostrich (USD 249). Both range are expensive and only minority iPhone owners willing to spend big money for that piece of art work. It is common to see designer accessories but their always carry far more higher tag prices, so Strada Case should fill the vaccum between common accessories and super high end accessories.

Leather Strada case for USD 99 - black, suitable for most iPhone owners

Crocodile leather Strada case for a high USD 319, more than half of iPhone price, but this case really make a different with it special materials and colours, die-hard iPhone owners who willing to spend extra buck will go for this Italian leather case

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