Limited Edition iPhone for Big Spender

Limited edition iPhone - present you the Gold iPhone and Platinum iPhone - the best solution for not having any iPhone accessories.

Never think of getting a boring or typical iPhone case, prefer your iPhone stay naked? Some hardcore iPhone fans may not go for any "extra accessories" and wanted their iPhone remain original form. For the purpose to serve this group of iPhone users, only "think out of the box" designer house able to serve them best, a cool iPhone case or top quality leather case like vaja iPhone case or strada iphone case may not the iPhone accessories that able to catch hardcore iPhone user's attention.

Below are to limited edition iPhone that best serve this special group of iPhone fans. Gold and Platinum iPhone that only come in limited edition should be able to serve niche group iPhone users. Of course both of them come with a huge prices compare to typical iPhone cases. However, money can buy you something ordinary people can't afford to own.

If you are big spender and want something special and only come with limited edition, check out for this two special and luxury iPhone. Gold and Platinum are for who habitually spends excessively or living lavishly.

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