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"Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone case" is another slim form factor iPhone accessories that comparable to Cozip Polycarbonate Slim Fit Case. However, the Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone case is more to plastic and hard case category of iPhone accessories range, it will give you more cold and rigid feeling when you hold it on your hand, not like the soft Polycarbonate slim fit case.

One of the obvious advantage of Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone case over the Cozip case is that it well covered the chromed front of your iPhone and do you know that the 4 round corners of your iPhone can be easily experience discoloration if you never use any kind of protection like case or protection skin, the worst scenario is when you always put your iPhone into your pocket. Trust me, you don't want your iPhone look ulgy because of your careless.

Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone Case
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Basic features of Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone case:
1. Easy to wear two-piece slide on/off design
2. Sleek form factor and well fit, no bulky look at all
3. Full access design to bottom connectors, MIC, touch screen, Headphones jack opening
4. Use of Environment friendly material and recycle material
5. Covers the chromed front of iPhone body

Wow factor: Sleek and rigid iPhone case!

Ave. Price: $24.99 - (price may change over time), official price: $29.95 . Check out this Agent18 Eco Shield iPhone case today!

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